Level 2 Update 7th September


Level 2 Update

With the change down to the new Delta Level 2 on Tuesday night at 11:59pm, we are making some changes to how we are opening the doors on Wednesday.
From Wednesday following Government rule changes:
At Musselburgh, We will have a Max of 3 customers in store at a time. There will be a board at the door, please wait at that point until staff say it is ok to come in.
Please check in using either the Covid Tracing app or the sign in sheets at the desk as you enter.
Masks are MANDATORY* when you visit the pharmacy, please be wearing your mask when you enter the store.
(* if you have a mask exemption card from the govt please show the team)
We have markings on the floor for traffic flow, please follow these and follow any requests the team make of you.
If you are dropping off a script and would like to wait, give the team your script and wait outside or in your vehicle and the team will let you know when the script is ready.
Self selection of products off the shelves is not practical with our temporary layout, ask the team and they can get items for you.
If you are wanting to post items, please have them ready to post, and hand them to the team, or if you require bags/documentation for sending, the team will sort these for you, and ask you to take the bags etc out to your vehicle or home and bring them back when ready to send.
Please be patient with the team and follow our requests. We make these request as we have to follow the new rules from the government, as these are designed to keep you and us safe. Following any requests from staff will be most appreciated and help us immensely.

COVID-19 Level 4 August 2021


Good Morning, With the Snap level 4 lockdown now in effect for at least the next 3 days, We are open, but we are NOT allowing customers in to the store.

The pharmacy is open until 5:30pm, but we will also close the doors between 12 & 12:30pm to allow the team to have a break and do any necessary cleaning.

If you require a prescription repeat, please call first and allow at least 1 hour before you come to collect.
When you arrive at the pharmacy, please follow the government guidelines when visiting us and check in via the covid app or sign in sheet at the door, and please be wearing a mask and follow the 2m Distancing rules.
Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves when they greet at the door, please have a paywave card, or we can put items onto an account and give you our bank details to pay electronically.
Please show our staff respect as we know it is a stressful time for everyone.