About Us

About us:

Musselburgh Pharmacy is a suburban community pharmacy to the east of the Dunedin City center right at the base of the beautiful Otago Peninsula. We also operate the smaller Macandrew Bay Pharmacy 15 minutes away in Macandrew Bay.

We are a true community pharmacy – just walk in and you’ll feel the buzz of staff and customers who genuinely enjoy their interactions. This is helped by our great location, next door to the popular Musselburgh Medical Centre.

Our team:

Old, young, male, female, we have a great mixture of staff from the young message people out on their bikes delivering medicines after school to a staff member who has been working at Musselburgh Pharmacy for over 20 years.

What we stock:

We have a great range in store from the usual selection of over the counter medicines to, beautiful gifts and scarves, and yes we do sell cameras, telescopes and binoculars. (Check out our sister site www.southerncameras.co.nz)

Services we provide:

Dispensary Services

Blister Packed Medicines: At both Musselburgh and Macandrew Bay Pharmacies, we offer blister packaging of medicines. Blister packs are a great way to keep track of your medicines, especially if you are taking multiple medicines at different times of the day. The packs are prepared as Weekly or Monthly packs. Come in and talk to one of our Dispensary team for more information.

Professional Services:

We have trained pharmacists in store who can talk to you about a variety of services including but not limited to, smoking cessation, Sildenafil dispensing, Oral Contraceptive & Emergency Contraceptive (morning after pill).
Please note that these services may not available every day due to staffing.

Retail Services:

Passport Photos: At Musselburgh Pharmacy, we take passport photos, we can supply you either a printed sheet of 4 photos or email you a digital image. Our digital images are emailed in the specifications for the New Zealand Passport photograph. For other countries we may be able to supply you a printed image, but please ask our retail team to check before we take your photo as some countries have very specific requirements we may not be able to meet.

Printed Passport Photo (sheet of 4) $15.00 per person

Emailed Digital Photo $15.00 per Person

Printed & Digital Image $18.00 per Person

Ear Piercing: At our Musselburgh location, we do ear piercing. Our trained staff are available between 9am & 5pm Monday -

Friday subject to staff availability.

Prices start at $20 including Jewellery and aftercare solution.

Ages 5 & Up, People under the age of 16 require a parent or guardians consent.

Photo Printing: At Musselburgh, we have a digital photo kiosk in store to print 4x6" photos instantly, or using our online service, not only print photos from 4x5.3" to A0 in size, but also print on a multitude of different media from Canvas to Glass, Phone cases, Plates and a whole lot more. We often run specials on online prints and Canvas prints, so check out our news page for info.

Film Processing: Yes that's right we still can have film processed, Join the analogue revival and shoot film (which we have also stock) and we can send the exposed film to our lab for processing.

Our lab can process standard 35mm, and roll films including 110, 120, 220 and 126. We can get Black & White and Slide films processed as well, with the negatives returned to you, with prints, on USB or CD. Our lab can also reprint those old photos as well.

Develop & Print starts at $24.90, but ask our team about other Film processing options